your comfort

The THAW Gear app is now available for download on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Pick up a pair of THAW Bluetooth enabled Rechargeable Heated Insoles online or in stores near you, and stay warm this season.

The industry leading THAW Gear app provides precision control over Bluetooth enabled THAW smart heating devices. With complete temperature control, battery status reporting, device warranty information, weather reports, and reminder notifications, you'll have no trouble staying warm in the cold. The lending feature even makes sharing your THAW smart devices with friends a breeze.

introducing the thaw gear app

the new standard in temperature management

your own personal thermostat

one app for all your warming needs

At the core of all THAW smart-enabled warming devices, is the THAW Gear App. It helps you control personalized warming, and much, much more.

your own personal thermostat

With the THAW App, you not only activate your THAW devices, you control them. Slide the dial to your desired setting, and the app maintains that temperature regardless of the weather around you.

manage all smart thaw devices from one place

The THAW Gear App allows you to simultaneously control all your smart-enabled THAW devices right from your smartphone.

share the warmth with friends

It's not right to keep those close to you out in the cold. With THAW you can let friends borrow your device and grant them temporary control right from their phone.

localized weather forecasts

At what temperature should you set your THAW devices? Check the weather forecast before you head out and set accordingly.

set up your settings

Choose your weather and device battery notification settings and control the temperature unit displayed in the app.