Personal warmth

rechargeable hand warmers

usb-c rechargeable hand warmer and power bank

The dual purpose USB-C rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank by THAW comes in two sizes (small or large) and is built to keep you warm and your USB powered devices charged. With double-sided heat, your hands will stay toasty no matter what the elements throw at you.

heated seat pad

heated cushion to keep you comfortable and cozy

Your outdoor activity just got a lot more enjoyable with the Rechargeable Heated Seat Pad. Comfortable enough for any season, this Seat Pad also features a USB connection that can generate up to 17 hours of heat when connected to a power bank. Sit down, relax and enjoy your outdoor activity with comfort and warmth.


Air-Activated Disposable Warmers

Don't "Bundle Up"..."Bundle Off" with our air-activated disposable warmers. Our unique chemistry compound makes our disposable warmers last longer than others. When opened, air reacts to the ingredients inside to create a safe and long lasting heat so you can get on with your outdoor activities. Use them all day then dispose of them easily. With THAW Disposable Warmers, you don't have to let cold stand in your way.

OUR industry leading app

coming soon!
precision control

Coming soon, an innovative new way to stay warm. Bluetooth enabled smart heating devices from THAW pair with the fully capable THAW Gear app providing precise industry-leading temperature control and weather reports.

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